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28 February 2013

My best Moment Playing on Pokerstars

World Championship Of Online PokerEarlier known poker, I do not know anything about this. Just play as entertainment for leisure. And in fact initially I did not want any further or more often playing poker. After knowing pokerschoolonline and pokerstars I learned how to play good poker and play the way the pros do. I know more people are tied in a single community, which is pokerschoolonline or PSO. This community really makes me more excited to play poker, not because of anything but because of their desire to meet and chat, share and exchange opinions about poker strategy.

Introduction to the players is actually very impressive. And the most memorable events and the best is when I'm playing poker and meet with them. Not the result of the game but the result of the process that makes the game more meaningful. You all know and often find some players to play with wild without the concept and strategy, luck or just rely on bingo. And when they lose, that comes out of his mouth were the words racist and immoral even mocked other players. Pokerschoolonline changed this, wild players such diminishing returns and is rarely found, unlike earlier used a lot of players are like this. Pokerschoolonline taught how to play with patience, mutual respect and strong play with patterns and accurate for me.Dare to accept the risk of losing, because this is a game where we sometimes lose, and there are times when we win.

Meet the players in the PSO community at the same table is the best moment for me when playing on pokerstars. Those who give meaning or value of its own in the game. And when I play often I imagine meet them and greet "hiccup, how are you? '. I'll say hello to some of them. Outcast13, Cote (where are you now?), Dreams78 (are you still dreaming?), 3rd again (when it will be first?), Dale44, buzzliyear, soulhunterid, triumphs, znri, arisoze, effsea (I will never hear the clue : D) and others.

league promoted by PSO is the best league in the pokerstars. I have learned a lot about poker strategy, on game conditions, about reading the situation, and most of the knowledge and experience is of PSO. After learning is directly applicable in the actual competition. Most graduates PSO gain position or rank very well in various competitions. I always hope and pray that they all be in the forefront among others.

Finally I can only hope that later I get the most looked forward to the time I managed to win a major tournament with a big prize. Of course, everyone hopes as my expectations, and PSO has equip people to get it, including me. Maybe World Blogger Championship Of Online poker can be the right and best for me to become a true champion. Because WBCOOP provide opportunities and opportunities for anyone to have in addition to cunning and clever play poker too clever use of media as a tool that can help him develop and mature in the game.

hope u win on all of ur game... :D Me : Ali "4liv" Hasan

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