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21 February 2012

$5000 from Wbcoop will change my Life

I have been playing poker about 1 or 2 years ago and a bad thing was i have never win big in all of my poker tourney. I just hope (and hope) for my first big prizes from pokerstars, but never realized. Waiting for the first big prizes that can change my life was never tired me, my dream will come true if i could win the WBCOOP contest. Maybe this is the way that given to me to get big prizes from pokerstars. Many people like me trying hard to win this contest too, then i'll try my best. I must win, and i must win. Wish me luck.

PokerStars' World Blogger Championship of Online Poker (WBCOOP)back for 2012, and the deadline for a qualifying blog submission Tuesday, February 21st. This year’s series runs from February 23-March 4, with more tournaments than ever before across a huge selection of games, ending with the $5,000 Main Event. There are also cash prizes up to $5,000 for the Best Blogger, the Best Live Tweeter, and for players that score big on the WBCOOP Leader Board.

All qualifying bloggers will be credited 10 tickets to play in any of the 30 WBCOOP events running until March 3rd, all of which award tickets for PokerStars' Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) for top finishers. If you cash in any WBCOOP event, you get your seat in the March 4th main event with a $5,000 prizepool. There is a also a WBCOOP leader board prize that will award a package to a live event worth up to $7,000 and a trophy.

All it takes to qualify for the $5,000 is either a 500-word blog post or short video, telling them what i would do with $5,000 if i won the WBCOOP Best Blogger prize.

I'll very happy If i won the contest. The first important thing was the usefully to help me built my business. I was got in trouble with my home business and have to stop right now, If i won $5000 i'll open it again and growing up. Second i'll buy some gadget like netbook, phone etc. I'll let it in my account for at least $2000, then with this money i'll play some online poker tournaments and try to climb up to be a star in pokerstars.. :) .

Just for sharing, Im a man who lifes in a small village in Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Actually i love and happy with my village, but now i got frustated with my home business. Hope this prizes can change my life and all of my family lifes come to happiness.

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